Yachts, fishing boats etc.

"Carnitech uses several in-line actuators onboard a trawler to keep the shrimp separator horizontal while in use. Stainless steel and robust are keywords …"

Concens’ versatile in-line electric actuators are robust and reliable and they are available in materials suited to maritime applications. Standard actuators provide IP66 protection and actuators are also available in 'harsh environment' versions. The standard actuator is made from steel and are available in stainless steel as well (AISI316).
The con35 in-line electric actuator can move loads up to 2.200N, the con50 up to 4.500 N and con60 up to 10.000N. Powered by a 12 or 24 VDC power supply.


  • Good longevity and low-maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • High precision

Customization options

  • Hall-sensors for precise control and positioning
  • Available in any RAL color or stainless steel
  • Low noise version
  • Eskimo (-40 degC to +70 degC) version
  • Can easily be used with the digitally programmable C4 control handset
  • Advanced controller C2-20 for precise movements
  • C2-10 controller for simple operation
  • Other stroke lengths and customized brackets available on request