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Industrial automation

Adjustment of Gangway Fingers

A major product for industry giant ThyssenKrupp Spain is airport fingers for loading and unloading of passengers from airplanes. In the gangway construction, Concens actuators are used to adjust height and level for the gangway fingers to hit the airplane doors. For ThyssenKrupp the most crucial parameters for actuators are precision, sturdy construction as well as easy installation and use. After more than 2½ years of testing, Concens actuators have proved absolutely perfect for the job.  ThyssenKrupp is one of the largest technology groups in the world with companies all over the world.



Actuator in Power Boat

The British producer of powerboats XSMG are using Concens actuators in their brand new XSR48-model.


Industrial automation

Actuators in Spreading Machines

Gerber Technology, a division of Gerber Scientific A/S in Denmark which develops and manufactures spreading machines for the textile industry has gained large competitive advantages through a development project on an existing machine. In addition to significant cost savings, the company has developed a more solid and robust machine with a modern and ergonomic design.


Car adaptation

Wheelchair Platform

Gustav Bruns GmbH in Apen, Germany, is a major manufacturer of cars for people with dissabilities. Since summer 2006 Concens have delivered actuators for exterior platforms for wheelchair access to various car models, consisting of con50 with overcurrent control circuit.


Car adaptation

Actuator for Handbrake Operation

Autoadapt is specialised in re-building cars into handicap-friendly cars, and is using a con35 for the handbrake function. Special requirements are that the actuator should stand -40° and connected to an AMP switch. Before signing the order, Autoadapt carried out an EMC test on con35, which worked excellent.

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